Daunting Targets – A 100 Percentile


Where other Universities are bothered for giving a better education to the world, Delhi University is only upto soaring the marks. Perhaps, they know very well, sky is the limit. Maybe this is the beginning, maybe this is the end, but I presume it is the constant, for there is no space for increase. Yes, a 100 percentile. Now who really thinks this cut-off makes sense? I infer NONE. A hundred percent cut-off does not mean the college is best or it provides with best education facilities. Sometimes it means the college really needs to augment its space and reputation among other DU colleges and thus this increase. Computer science or Bcom Honors, every course’s cut- off are touching the sky. After scrapping the not-so-required four years under graduate course, the vice chancellor , who has recently been honored with Padma Shri, seems to be aiming for a Nobel prize. The basic requisite is to confer a more on educatory stuffs and not only get stuck in increasing the cut-offs. Distributing free laptops and free supply of marks to the first year students last year evidently showed the low- confidence -phase of the VC and the team. and what best can be done is focus mainly on improving the educational quality of the courses and winding up the experimental session . 


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