No Hands Involved.

90% of twelve years old these days regularly watch porn ,more than 80% of Indian high school students have been exposed to porn and  74% of Indian women watches it on a regular basis. Many Indian women exclaimed they learnt about sex by watching porn. How far is this notion correct? What is the depth of people becoming victims of porn?


Porn gives carvers what they will for! Whereas porn brings violence and anger in the private fantasies of any individual watching in on a regular basis or once or twice a week. Mental fracas is not what one needs for themselves.  At one point or other, it becomes necessary to take over your emotional self than physical self. Easier said than done! Porn stands for ‘Film Prostitution.’ The word Porne standing for prostitute and Graphia for documentation. Prostitution is no one’s childhood dream. It is the result of distress and troubles that one has to push themselves into this dark world. Now there is a mechanism between porn and prostitution. Sounds mistaken, right? Well porn is all about male domination over women, men’s sub-ordinance of women. So is prostitution. Eventually this becomes a habit which man starts applying not only in practice but in general life as well. By now we know the reason for rape and human trafficking, isn’t it? If you were to question porn “ what is sexual?” , it would simply laugh on your  face.

“What is sexual?”

“Men arousing to choke a women”


80% or maybe 90% of the sex they show in porn is with no hands involved. But this is not how we authentically desire! There must always be hug, caresses, kisses. Do we ever see them in any of the porns? A little maybe. But is there an iota of gentleness  or love that we see? Naa.. There is just Domination. Watching porn demands for film prostitution. Porn is not about  erotica or healthy sexual communication. Rather it is a clear misguidance to the natural process. Next time if any of you watches porn, notice the cameras have nothing to do and their focus is not on hugging, caressing, kissing . there only concentration is on capturing penetration. When the penis is inside the women, men stands with his hands back so that camera could have a better focus and the women their lies in an uncomfortable posture. Meanwhile she has to make sure not to disturb her hair-do and makeup on which a lot of money and time has been invested.  We see them making love but the only body part in contact with each other are the penis and the part being penetrated into. No hands involved. And clearly two people in love would never desire to have each other with no hands involving.


An individual who has never been into the porn hub would question himself ,” what would I tell her?, “how would she respond?” ,” what would be the situation that would leave us alone?” blah blah.. now after he has seen porn he fantasizes with eyes closed about the women who are forced to enjoy the diabolic sperm ritual. For example- you watch some dance reality show and later because of natural human tendency you tend to think about the show and how would you have performed had you been a part of the show? After sometime you stop thinking of it because you don’t really fit in there. The same case goes for a porn where you watch it, imagine but not fitting there. All it does is misleading. Whatever we see, invades us. Porn gives men a cliché of thought that men are superior by having a large penis and eternal erection. It doesn’t really matter if the partner is generous or loving or attentive . All that matters is having a large penis and an eternal sunshine. Definition of sexual desire equals to that of a porn star. There are several girls who wants to prove themselves on bed and eventually ends up sleeping with the guy who breaches his trust by uploading videos on you-tube and internet. The girl undergoes clinical depression and many even suicides. imagePorn leads to pimping, trafficking, sex industry chews them up and splits them back in brothels. Many porn stars gets chewed up in such industries and lands up becoming prostitutes  or may be in massage parlors. In countries where age- limit for life is 70 or 80, such girls cannot even make 50. There are four main reasons for their death- STD’S , drugs, murdered by pimps or boyfriends and suicides. We often see and experience non-acceptance of prostitutes in our society . Social death comes when we hesitate in talking to a prostitute but not the men who visits them. Every individual has their own responsibilities towards themselves and society. One must never overlook them. Silence never did good to anyone . Silence perpetuates more silence.  End up doing things good for yourself emotionally.


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