“Keep Calm and No Scuffles”

On the pretext of the incident that took place
in Madison Is something misconstrued. It was a scenario with twenty thousand
people present to attend Narendra Modi and only two people cannot logically be
blamed for the happenstance. Rajdeep and the man in the fray gave justified
reasons to evaluate their actions and bring it on an affirming light just like
any individual would have perhaps done. The man, Mahendra Reddy was a part of
the gathering. Rajdeep in his blog accused him of being obsolete and unseemly. Journalists
have to be patient in dealing with every dirty situation and so was Rajdeep. It
was only after a high pitched uncouth behavior of the opponent that he reacted.
Rajdeep questioned if media was to be blamed for such coverage to which Reddy replied,
it was because of Journalists like him that such things happen. Rajdeep lost
his cool after this and abused and physically assaulted him. The exact state is
akin only to people present there but after hearing of the justifications
neither can be blamed. May be the man could have been more polite in his reply
or Rajdeep more polite in dealing with the situation.