Internet was a boon to the society. Yes, it indeed was. With
the not-so-required advent of net neutrality, things have been upside down. The
word was coined back in 2002 by Columbia University law professor, Tim Wu.
India today is ruling us over what to eat, which movie to watch and which
websites to surf. You cross your limits and you are doomed. You don’t have to
pay for electricity on basis of which electrical appliances you use right? Why
pay for using some websites not destined to be used. It a lame compulsion by
the ISP’s to charge more on more internet usage, On usage of international
websites. Some many of us rely on the  internet
everyday unknowingly. Clever step prove a failure indeed by the telecoms. So
how they work? All the extra money they charge will go into their pockets.
Bullshit! And we sit here spending our fortunes on internet. Many of us use
facebook, twitter, whatsapp , many today are lone bloggers who may outdo
mainstream media in breaking big news. Removal of Net neutrality is a swank in
our asses where they help us in making money from internet, socialize with lost
and found people on internet, shop sitting at home, find jobs sitting at home
or maybe watch a movie sitting at home and then you become bankrupt one fine
day sitting at home. India is a country with million people and 75 percent of
us use internet in our day to day life. Websites like snapdeal, zomato,
flipkart earn their living from internet. ISP’s must have asked for feedbacks
about their plan otherwise they being scorned by people was palpable. ISP’s
have become clever in managing profits haan, oh wait! Did internet help you in
becoming so?



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