The Taste of South India!

“Fragrant Stews, rich curries and nourishing dals”, if this is the type of food you are looking for, then you will love the lesser-known dishes perfected by cooks in southern India. The cooks say, “The South Indian food shapes the personality, mood and the mind.” Great deal of attention is given to balancing of nutrition, variety, texture and flavor. Every south Indian food has generous use of chili-powder and tamarind making the dish more zesty and tangy. By and large, South Indian cuisine is the hottest of all the Indian food.

Usually when we think of South Indian food, our mind wanders off to the much loved dosas and idlis with lip-smacking coconut chutney. The rich curries made by using earthy spices like mustard along with creamy coconut milk are hard to resist. South Indian food is the exact way to enjoy taste and flavor. Just like most Asian aliment tastes superior when eaten with chopsticks, the south Indian cuisine tastes best when eaten with bare hands. Breads or rice is served with ambrosial curries added with accessory dishes. The best way to awaken the taste buds is having the food with your hands.

The aroma of curry leaves, mustard, asafetida, pepper, tamarinds and fenugreek seeds increases your longing for any south Indian cuisine. foodpanda has several restaurants which provide the best south Indian food across the country. ‘Southy’ is an exclusive south Indian restaurant at GTB Nagar in North Delhi. It has a wide range of popular cuisines to offer. The crisp and crunchy Rasam Vada is very popular among the food lovers. Southy’s soft uppittu (upma) are always in great demand.

The flavors from the south India have made their way across India and broken territorial boundaries. In exception to the savory side of what this cuisine has to offer to our palates, there are luscious desserts which often increase our appetite. Rava Kesari with milk is very inviting for dessert lovers. Thanks to the orange color of the dish which makes it look more relished. Kozhukkattai, a sweet dumpling is made from rice flour and filled with jaggery and coconut is usually eaten as a snack along with tea. This week foodpanda Cuisine Festival will help you in rediscovering some traditional south Indian delights. So do not wait and defer the taste of life.