12 Years a Slave

One movie which nurtures your sense than intellect. The movie impressively highlights the dreadful conditions of the Blacks then. Mere animals alike they were. Going back to those times, when Blacks and Whites were differentiated, not just differentiated, they both stood at opposite pillars. They were juxtaposed in color, work and rights. They were not allowed access to public transport, safe housing, and security in job.

There life was a mess, Criticized at every stage, from birth to death. When these disheartening facts come up in the form of movie, it awakens one’s sense. The protagonist of the movie, having a secure job and a family led a happy life , every form of human deserved. Then separated from family and treated as a mere slave for Whites .

Alike him many were, beaten to death every day, handled rough, coercion work load, tasteless food. The life of a prisoner is yet better. Fighting for their rights was always the most awful option for them. Many were slaughtered to death, the future of every Negro indeed. Protagonist , being one, revives his life. The pain , the endurance, the revival could be felt. Eradication of disparities was much needed. They just needed to bluster courage against the wrong. A small world where colors rule the brain.


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