On first reading
the title of the book, there are umpteen thoughts clashing your mind. What is
the story about? Why different shades of grey? In fact, why the number Fifty?
Well yes, I got my answers only when I started reading it. Books are one’s
favorite companion! Especially when you are reading a book like this one. It is
a combination of emotions, love drama, sex, suspense and heartbreaks.

The book contains
nearly three hundred pages. Sensuality from the very beginning increases one’s
adrenaline rush , you end up completing the entire novel in two days. When I
was at the starting of my story, it bored me! Yes it did! Sounds weird right?
Initially when you are oblivious of the genre, it might turn you off. But as
you turn over pages, it wheels off well. And it is when you realize, the name
grey is because of the protagonist “Grey”.

Anna is a
beautiful character in which is depicted the story of every girl. Expectations,
care , concern, what every girl anticipates from her guy. She did the same
bagging only pain and sorrows at the end. This is how every love stories ends
right? No attachments. Relations in which people do not expect anything. The
Red Room ends with a room of pain and disgust. Though, the sequel of this book
says something else.

Fifty shades of grey features luxury and contended life. In the
beginning where every girl expects her man to be alike Grey changes their
opinion by the end. With millions of readers giving it a thumbs up, many
juxtaposed the story. So did I , helping myself to understand why did Anna
permit herself  to be agonized? Why does
every girl end up with the same sourness? Girls must  get inspired from Lysistrata rather than



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