Confessions of a Profession!

Here is a piece of conversation with a law graduate who had
prostitution as her profession. The frankness and guilelessness of the 27 years
old can be seen clearly as she speaks out the discreet facts of her profession.
These confessions changed my point of view towards a prostitute who turns out
to be a girl with a heart and not callous. 

What drove you to become a sex worker? Do you regret anything?

I started when I was young . I was sexually experimental
towards men in that way. I do not regret anything. Prostitution has made me the
way I am today. And I am happy I left it.

Did you make heaps of

On a busy night, I’d make
over $2000. One week I made over $9000. No seriously, I put a deposit down
on a condo and bought a car in my first 6 month.

And how much did
you have to give to your agency?

Out of $500, they’d keep
$150. They provide the bookings, security and the network. 

Was there ever the one
client who just wanted to talk and paid you for the company?

Yes Indeed. There was a lonely and sweet man. He paid me
just for listening his sad story and cuddling and making him feel good.

What was the strangest
fetish you came across?

One fairly unique individual loved it when beautiful nude
women in stiletto heels crunched and squashed snails with the heel of their

Did your family find

My family never found out. My sister did though. She had a
clue of how was I buying things I could not afford earlier. She was one of the
reasons I had to leave this profession.

How would you react if
your daughter said she wanted to be a prostitute? 

I would be very
disappointed. I would try my best to give her all she needs, for her education
and studies. I would advise her to do something she can be proud of. 

How many people (rough
estimate) have you had sex with in your entire career?

Wow. A rough calculation? An average of 6 guys a night, 2
nights a week for 3 years. 1872, if I’m not mistaken. That’s terrible.

How did doing the work you
did affect your sex life today?

I am struggling to enjoy sex in real world. I have had
enough of exploration games and fantasies. A real player is what I need now.
There are times I fantasize


Do you think your (future)
partner has the right to know -upfront- about this aspect of your past? 

Who I am now and what I will become is more important. Unless
necessary, I would not tell him. I dated a guy and later he found out about me.
In return I was harassed by his friends and insulted so I will prefer keeping
it to myself. Past should not be of much importance to him. 

Was it hard to “get

Yes, it was very tough to get out if it. It took me time to
get accustomed to the daily wages and my weight ballooned but at the end I am
happy of myself.

A candid response of a girl is respected here. In the survey
it is shown that a prostitute would never want her siblings to become the same.
Not many get into this profession out of bondage , there are few who get into
darkness willingly , maybe to find who they are.


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