Ghar Aya Mehman

India is considered an
open- minded country where people of several castes and cultures reside. Unity
is prevalent unless there is discrimination. Hinduism is divided into four
caste- Brahmins, Kstriyas, Vaishyas and Shudras. The trouble arises when the
upper classes discriminate lower castes. This distinction needs to be
eradicated. Lower class people not permitted to touch the wells of the upper
caste and not have food with them and several stories uprising the distinct notion.
The lower rungs of societies are the one facing the effects. Dalits and the
tribal groups being in the mainstream. Not allowing the dalits to wear jeweler
is a stigma in the society.

Lower castes pursuit for
their own space in the society. Conversion to other caste gives them modernity
in their lifestyles. Ghar Wapsi is about re-conversion of people who have
converted themselves to Islam’s or any other culture to escape the evils of the
low caste. Why should Hinduism be barred from replicating what other religions
have been doing all these years? BJP thinks this conversion includes some
material incentive for the groups doing it. The conversion is a well thought
decision to regain the socio-economic position in the society. As discussed in
the citizen globalised world, every person, irrespective of the caste ad creed
must be allowed to take active participation in the societal upliftment.

When BJP members shift to Congress , when Shiv Sena members besome BJP
members no one bothers. Then why create an avalanche out of the situation when
dalits want an upper class? Why these double standards for minorities and
majorities? For instance, take two incidences: 1. Love Jihad Card 2. Converting
Christmas to Good Governance Day. In all these moves, the lower class are bound
to adhere to the regulations made by the BJP and Modi Government.

Christians are not
considered a real threat because of their less numbers and peaceful and
amenable behavior. The real threat is Muslim majority who outrage the numbers.
The personal gain must be kept at bay when dealing in politics. But our country
members seem to follow the inapposite. Consideration in these matter is not as
important as they think. No body sitting in their luxury drawin rooms care if
few are changing their religion. BJP must get over the fear fact and ‘govern’
the country not ‘rule’ it.


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