Lust for TRP!

Chain se
sona hai toh jag jao” , a new trick of news channel to hoodwink people. In  a popular program ,Sansani  ,in Star News, Srivardhan Trivedi managed to
scare people with his catchy line  as
mentioned to further increase their inquisitiveness which ends up in a thwart.
Hyping upcoming TV news these days are as important as News Content.
“Antici-pointment is the synonymous to hyping news. News channels first entice
you and then incite you for doing no good. Every news channel is stuck at the
same tunnel. Everybody wants to come out of the other side clean. Nobody works
for it. Exaggeration is the new trend in TV news now. With so many news
channels, the competition is on fire. No matter what they have to do. “TRP
King” they must be accolade with. Hyping news in commercial televisions are
nothing but to hoodwink. They gradually end up losing viewers. Every viewer
wants justified and a legit information. Adulteration in news has been adopted.
News channels are more focused on yellow journalism. They degrade the news
quality. People eventually switch to something reliable.   At the
same time there are few directors worrying about the journalistic integrity.
Edacity must be kept at bay. Karma is a bitch.



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