Women empowerment had always been a topic of debate wide across nations for times unknown. The question rises on what women can do and how much they actually do. More than half the world still have hackneyed views. It is not that women are not aware of their capabilities, maybe few are too reluctant to exercise their roles beyond domestic. Society , indeed, plays a very major role in shaping the requisites of a women. There is a cliche among people for women since ages. If we take a glance back at William Shakespeare, we all know how brilliant he was in writing plays, though I personally did not find his ideas going beyond bloodshed and betrayals. Virginia Woolf  who equally possessed the talent of imagination and writing, was not given opportunities on same echelon. We all know why! Aphra Behn is again one such example who fought against the world, against man – dominating world and came out at the other end successfully. 


We often hear our parents say, no matter where the girl get married , no matter how much she earns, eventually she must know cooking and looking after domestic chores. That is true indeed. Couple of months back I read an interview of Indira Nooyi, CEO of Pepsi Co , where she shared her experience after she became the CEO. She spoke about her coming early  home that day rushing from office to inform the family members about her achievement. No sooner had she parked her car in the garage, her mother-in-law called her out asking  to get a packet of milk from market. She gleefully told her about the title she has won. On hearing this, her mother-in-law simply said, “When you are at home let us not discuss office. Go get milk”. Indira that day realized no matter which position she reaches she will always be a daughter-in-law. And yes, exactly the same thing goes for other women as well.  In an Airtel advertisement that have been aired recently where a woman at office asks her husband to stay back longer just like any employee to complete the given work. Later in the ad we realize her being the wife of the man who calls him up and shows the delicious food cooked for him, asking to come back soon. The woman clearly is a boss at office and wife at home. Every woman thus must know how to balance responsibilities. 


Woman always does things for the well being of her family, children not seen doing anything for herself. She learns compromising at an early age. Molding herself in accordance to the needs of others. She deserve to be respected at every stage of life. One will not realize her important unless she backs off to do your work. Presence of a woman makes a big difference in one’s life. She may complain at times but for good of others. Her chiding is for your benefit. Admire her, pamper her because one day you might wake up just to realize who would make the breakfast for you! 😉 


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