On a positive note, when ministers turns up saying sex education is not for children, how does one interpret this? Now see , there are various ways in which one can construe. First of all, for all those MR. MINI who think sex education is all about teaching how to have sex, then your brain has already taken you to a faulty place. Sex education is all about teaching children about the same a healthy manner. Ofcourse, MR.MINI are against this because they have an alternative to that by watching pornography in the parliamentary sessions. If children are not taught about it in the early ages of life, they are definitely going to end up screwing their future. Like in Netherland, where visiting a prostitute is all legal and all kind of sexual indulgence is welcomed on a positive note, minimum percentile of children end up getting pregnant. The reason is clear because they are akin to the facts pre-handedly and this avoids any kind of cumbersome outcome. Likewise in India, where children are taught to avoid any such circumstances, maybe one of the reason for this outcome.  Existing and never ending rape cases, and oh yes, child pregnancy. Though, the very  much existing sex education has not done a great deal of the-so-required-changes in the society. What I think is the education criteria needs a change where the children do not get offended or feel ashamed in bringing up any kind of questions. Completely barring the education thinking is only good for the health minister who needs a break from his work. Maybe the job of health ministry is giving him some kind of unhealthy syndrome. Gujarat hasn’t entirely become a dry state even after the same declaration. In fact the rich people can juggado the drinks for themselves. Its only the poor people who are bound to survive of the desi daru that they get further spoiling their health . if the children aren’t taught about healthy sex in the early stages of life, they are expected to wind up this in accordance to their maturity level which is of course very low. So yes, my advice to the health minister is MR.MINI go for a vacation . 


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