“No, we don’t care about your intellectual concepts and high level thoughts, just answer the damn question.” The way many news anchors have molded debates today . On one side of the coin where we have eminent journalists like Rajat Sharma the other side confers Arnab Goswami. The man who has single-handedly brought Times Now to the fore of the English Channels in India, Mr.Arnab Goswami is certainly the most dominating anchor of
any News Channel.No one can challenge his charisma as a journalist because no one wants to. His intervening abilities are clearly seen in his interviews where he asks a question, then ignores you and then asks you why are you silent? His catchphrase: The nation wants to know. Least he can do is pay a little heed to the panelists, maybe?. Arnab is very extreme in his views- analytically and moderate in thoughts. He blames politicians for everything.
Politicians are evil. Forgetting he is one of the “presstitutes”. The Government
is evil. Only he is right because he claims to speak for the people. He asks questions, throws facts around and does not create an atmosphere where democratic sharing of thought is possible. Goswami is like the football coach of Indian Journalistic team who only shouts. He is the Ekta Kapoor of English debates, he knows the popular sentiments and milks it. Arnab’s debate shows are as annoying as candy crush requests. He can make you get up and do anything, anything like bashing your fist through the TV. A random thought-“ One can see The Great Wall Of China from the moon and hear Mr.Goswami shout from the moon. The name of the program must be changed to “Frankly Speaking with Arnab”, because the guests in his show complains that he doesn’t permits them speak anything, questions and self answers. Though the channel runs because of Arnab, the guests also runs away because of Arnab. The guest in his show sits to get rotten. Well, Arnab’s aggressive badgering on guests came in him from his forefathers. Not to forget his good side, he treats all parties equally, BJP, CONGRESS, BSP, JDU everyone faces equal smashes from our “bespectacled hero”. No no no, Indian Journalists never disappoints us, they offer us Deepak Chaurasia at a sweet-tooth. Now this comedian thinks of Business to be a theatre of absurd. He is known for his coverage from the war prone zone of Kuwait for which he received appraisal. The fact lying is the time he covered from Kuwait, it wasn’t under attack, Iraq was. ‘Presstitutes’ as termed by VK Singh. They are the ones who lack journo rigor and shamefully enjoys the status in mainstream media.




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