Jeopardize is the new cliché of youngsters today. From choosing a different course for education to braving up to start up their own business, Indian youngsters can do them all today. Many say they do not want to be bossed over by some authority and be independent
with their lives. Opting for entrepreneurship seems to be a safe play  involving perils.

In an article, I came across many people, who have left their prestigious and lucrative  jobs to make a shift to entrepreneurship. Indeed inclusive of risks. A couple of developments have had a good influence on people. One is the phenomenal success of startups like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Ola, Taxi For Sure,FoodPanda. Many of these entrepreneurs had transformed somewhere from a well settled life , from a nine to six job to aim for even
better. They opted for justifying their lives with something they could endure and survive through to make it big. Relatives have always been a hindrance to them who finds every decision irrational and ends up making them a scapegoat. All of these, braved their parents and in laws to grab the opportunity and came out on the other side as a successful mantra.

This is the thing about today’s generation. They want big, better and best. Breaking all the monotony of the society is a requisite. Changing the flow of tide is a must. Rohit Chadda,
founder of Foodpanda, Vijay Shekhar Sharma, founder of Paytym chose a different road to success. Earlier students wanted to work with firms like Unilevers and McKinseys and now their intrest has made a leap to working with Foodpanda, Snapdeal etc. It is cool to be an entrepreneur , to sound an entrepreneur. Working with startups has become a dream job for people graduates from IITs and IIMs. Ultimately it is survival of the fittest, fastest, most fundable. The winner- takes- it- all .



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