Vanity In Vain


She was adamant, strong and stubborn.

Nothing could move Her. Nothing could perforate.

That night She lied in a dark room, darker in Her thoughts, with tears rolling down the eyes.

Her body which was no more Hers, shivered. 

Strength, She needed to stand. Oblivious of the surrounding, She felt Her heart beating. 

Indeed the only thing She could hear.

Ironic it was, the beats made Her realize She was alive. She had life.

No abuse, no harassment could shudder Her from the inside.

She tried. She cried. She stood. She smiled.

Unstirred to the cruelty of the world, callousness of Her husband. 

Today she stands affirm. Supporting women alike. 

Her husband could disgrace her modesty, failing to disgrace her heart and her mind. 


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