I want to be Indira Gandhi when I grow up

I met these curious kids in the metro on my way to Noida. Their father is blind and mother is a beggar who fights for a single penny every day in Connaught Place.

The younger one is Durga, very energetic and ready to take over the world. The elder one is Sagarika, the beautiful one. Few years after her birth, the parents realized her inability to speak. She spoke to me in sign languages and the younger one assisted me in understanding her sister’s thoughts.

They were intrigued with the book I was reading(The Red Sari by Javier Moro) and listened carefully as I spoke the gist of the Indian Congress history to them.

Durga said,” I want to be Indira Gandhi when I grow up”


Age of Innocence, Curiosity!

I met this beautiful little girl in a slum area of Delhi. She was adorable and got really excited about the idea of being captured by the camera. It is a sad thing she’ll be forced to get married as soon she is 16 and live like several other rural women, where even showing their face to men( other than her husband) is a taboo