Jeopardize is the new cliché of youngsters today. From choosing a different course for education to braving up to start up their own business, Indian youngsters can do them all today. Many say they do not want to be bossed over by some authority and be independent
with their lives. Opting for entrepreneurship seems to be a safe play  involving perils.

In an article, I came across many people, who have left their prestigious and lucrative  jobs to make a shift to entrepreneurship. Indeed inclusive of risks. A couple of developments have had a good influence on people. One is the phenomenal success of startups like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Ola, Taxi For Sure,FoodPanda. Many of these entrepreneurs had transformed somewhere from a well settled life , from a nine to six job to aim for even
better. They opted for justifying their lives with something they could endure and survive through to make it big. Relatives have always been a hindrance to them who finds every decision irrational and ends up making them a scapegoat. All of these, braved their parents and in laws to grab the opportunity and came out on the other side as a successful mantra.

This is the thing about today’s generation. They want big, better and best. Breaking all the monotony of the society is a requisite. Changing the flow of tide is a must. Rohit Chadda,
founder of Foodpanda, Vijay Shekhar Sharma, founder of Paytym chose a different road to success. Earlier students wanted to work with firms like Unilevers and McKinseys and now their intrest has made a leap to working with Foodpanda, Snapdeal etc. It is cool to be an entrepreneur , to sound an entrepreneur. Working with startups has become a dream job for people graduates from IITs and IIMs. Ultimately it is survival of the fittest, fastest, most fundable. The winner- takes- it- all .




“No, we don’t care about your intellectual concepts and high level thoughts, just answer the damn question.” The way many news anchors have molded debates today . On one side of the coin where we have eminent journalists like Rajat Sharma the other side confers Arnab Goswami. The man who has single-handedly brought Times Now to the fore of the English Channels in India, Mr.Arnab Goswami is certainly the most dominating anchor of
any News Channel.No one can challenge his charisma as a journalist because no one wants to. His intervening abilities are clearly seen in his interviews where he asks a question, then ignores you and then asks you why are you silent? His catchphrase: The nation wants to know. Least he can do is pay a little heed to the panelists, maybe?. Arnab is very extreme in his views- analytically and moderate in thoughts. He blames politicians for everything.
Politicians are evil. Forgetting he is one of the “presstitutes”. The Government
is evil. Only he is right because he claims to speak for the people. He asks questions, throws facts around and does not create an atmosphere where democratic sharing of thought is possible. Goswami is like the football coach of Indian Journalistic team who only shouts. He is the Ekta Kapoor of English debates, he knows the popular sentiments and milks it. Arnab’s debate shows are as annoying as candy crush requests. He can make you get up and do anything, anything like bashing your fist through the TV. A random thought-“ One can see The Great Wall Of China from the moon and hear Mr.Goswami shout from the moon. The name of the program must be changed to “Frankly Speaking with Arnab”, because the guests in his show complains that he doesn’t permits them speak anything, questions and self answers. Though the channel runs because of Arnab, the guests also runs away because of Arnab. The guest in his show sits to get rotten. Well, Arnab’s aggressive badgering on guests came in him from his forefathers. Not to forget his good side, he treats all parties equally, BJP, CONGRESS, BSP, JDU everyone faces equal smashes from our “bespectacled hero”. No no no, Indian Journalists never disappoints us, they offer us Deepak Chaurasia at a sweet-tooth. Now this comedian thinks of Business to be a theatre of absurd. He is known for his coverage from the war prone zone of Kuwait for which he received appraisal. The fact lying is the time he covered from Kuwait, it wasn’t under attack, Iraq was. ‘Presstitutes’ as termed by VK Singh. They are the ones who lack journo rigor and shamefully enjoys the status in mainstream media.



Lust for TRP!

Chain se
sona hai toh jag jao” , a new trick of news channel to hoodwink people. In  a popular program ,Sansani  ,in Star News, Srivardhan Trivedi managed to
scare people with his catchy line  as
mentioned to further increase their inquisitiveness which ends up in a thwart.
Hyping upcoming TV news these days are as important as News Content.
“Antici-pointment is the synonymous to hyping news. News channels first entice
you and then incite you for doing no good. Every news channel is stuck at the
same tunnel. Everybody wants to come out of the other side clean. Nobody works
for it. Exaggeration is the new trend in TV news now. With so many news
channels, the competition is on fire. No matter what they have to do. “TRP
King” they must be accolade with. Hyping news in commercial televisions are
nothing but to hoodwink. They gradually end up losing viewers. Every viewer
wants justified and a legit information. Adulteration in news has been adopted.
News channels are more focused on yellow journalism. They degrade the news
quality. People eventually switch to something reliable.   At the
same time there are few directors worrying about the journalistic integrity.
Edacity must be kept at bay. Karma is a bitch.


Ghar Aya Mehman

India is considered an
open- minded country where people of several castes and cultures reside. Unity
is prevalent unless there is discrimination. Hinduism is divided into four
caste- Brahmins, Kstriyas, Vaishyas and Shudras. The trouble arises when the
upper classes discriminate lower castes. This distinction needs to be
eradicated. Lower class people not permitted to touch the wells of the upper
caste and not have food with them and several stories uprising the distinct notion.
The lower rungs of societies are the one facing the effects. Dalits and the
tribal groups being in the mainstream. Not allowing the dalits to wear jeweler
is a stigma in the society.

Lower castes pursuit for
their own space in the society. Conversion to other caste gives them modernity
in their lifestyles. Ghar Wapsi is about re-conversion of people who have
converted themselves to Islam’s or any other culture to escape the evils of the
low caste. Why should Hinduism be barred from replicating what other religions
have been doing all these years? BJP thinks this conversion includes some
material incentive for the groups doing it. The conversion is a well thought
decision to regain the socio-economic position in the society. As discussed in
the citizen globalised world, every person, irrespective of the caste ad creed
must be allowed to take active participation in the societal upliftment.

When BJP members shift to Congress , when Shiv Sena members besome BJP
members no one bothers. Then why create an avalanche out of the situation when
dalits want an upper class? Why these double standards for minorities and
majorities? For instance, take two incidences: 1. Love Jihad Card 2. Converting
Christmas to Good Governance Day. In all these moves, the lower class are bound
to adhere to the regulations made by the BJP and Modi Government.

Christians are not
considered a real threat because of their less numbers and peaceful and
amenable behavior. The real threat is Muslim majority who outrage the numbers.
The personal gain must be kept at bay when dealing in politics. But our country
members seem to follow the inapposite. Consideration in these matter is not as
important as they think. No body sitting in their luxury drawin rooms care if
few are changing their religion. BJP must get over the fear fact and ‘govern’
the country not ‘rule’ it.


On first reading
the title of the book, there are umpteen thoughts clashing your mind. What is
the story about? Why different shades of grey? In fact, why the number Fifty?
Well yes, I got my answers only when I started reading it. Books are one’s
favorite companion! Especially when you are reading a book like this one. It is
a combination of emotions, love drama, sex, suspense and heartbreaks.

The book contains
nearly three hundred pages. Sensuality from the very beginning increases one’s
adrenaline rush , you end up completing the entire novel in two days. When I
was at the starting of my story, it bored me! Yes it did! Sounds weird right?
Initially when you are oblivious of the genre, it might turn you off. But as
you turn over pages, it wheels off well. And it is when you realize, the name
grey is because of the protagonist “Grey”.

Anna is a
beautiful character in which is depicted the story of every girl. Expectations,
care , concern, what every girl anticipates from her guy. She did the same
bagging only pain and sorrows at the end. This is how every love stories ends
right? No attachments. Relations in which people do not expect anything. The
Red Room ends with a room of pain and disgust. Though, the sequel of this book
says something else.

Fifty shades of grey features luxury and contended life. In the
beginning where every girl expects her man to be alike Grey changes their
opinion by the end. With millions of readers giving it a thumbs up, many
juxtaposed the story. So did I , helping myself to understand why did Anna
permit herself  to be agonized? Why does
every girl end up with the same sourness? Girls must  get inspired from Lysistrata rather than


It’s too easy, you see, to get trapped in the past. The past is very seductive. People always talk about the mists of time, you know, but really it’s the present that’s in a mist, uncertain. The past is quite clear, and warm, and comforting. That’s why people often get stuck there.

Susanna Kearsley, Mariana (via larmoyante)



Women empowerment had always been a topic of debate wide across nations for times unknown. The question rises on what women can do and how much they actually do. More than half the world still have hackneyed views. It is not that women are not aware of their capabilities, maybe few are too reluctant to exercise their roles beyond domestic. Society , indeed, plays a very major role in shaping the requisites of a women. There is a cliche among people for women since ages. If we take a glance back at William Shakespeare, we all know how brilliant he was in writing plays, though I personally did not find his ideas going beyond bloodshed and betrayals. Virginia Woolf  who equally possessed the talent of imagination and writing, was not given opportunities on same echelon. We all know why! Aphra Behn is again one such example who fought against the world, against man – dominating world and came out at the other end successfully. 


We often hear our parents say, no matter where the girl get married , no matter how much she earns, eventually she must know cooking and looking after domestic chores. That is true indeed. Couple of months back I read an interview of Indira Nooyi, CEO of Pepsi Co , where she shared her experience after she became the CEO. She spoke about her coming early  home that day rushing from office to inform the family members about her achievement. No sooner had she parked her car in the garage, her mother-in-law called her out asking  to get a packet of milk from market. She gleefully told her about the title she has won. On hearing this, her mother-in-law simply said, “When you are at home let us not discuss office. Go get milk”. Indira that day realized no matter which position she reaches she will always be a daughter-in-law. And yes, exactly the same thing goes for other women as well.  In an Airtel advertisement that have been aired recently where a woman at office asks her husband to stay back longer just like any employee to complete the given work. Later in the ad we realize her being the wife of the man who calls him up and shows the delicious food cooked for him, asking to come back soon. The woman clearly is a boss at office and wife at home. Every woman thus must know how to balance responsibilities. 


Woman always does things for the well being of her family, children not seen doing anything for herself. She learns compromising at an early age. Molding herself in accordance to the needs of others. She deserve to be respected at every stage of life. One will not realize her important unless she backs off to do your work. Presence of a woman makes a big difference in one’s life. She may complain at times but for good of others. Her chiding is for your benefit. Admire her, pamper her because one day you might wake up just to realize who would make the breakfast for you! 😉 


On a positive note, when ministers turns up saying sex education is not for children, how does one interpret this? Now see , there are various ways in which one can construe. First of all, for all those MR. MINI who think sex education is all about teaching how to have sex, then your brain has already taken you to a faulty place. Sex education is all about teaching children about the same a healthy manner. Ofcourse, MR.MINI are against this because they have an alternative to that by watching pornography in the parliamentary sessions. If children are not taught about it in the early ages of life, they are definitely going to end up screwing their future. Like in Netherland, where visiting a prostitute is all legal and all kind of sexual indulgence is welcomed on a positive note, minimum percentile of children end up getting pregnant. The reason is clear because they are akin to the facts pre-handedly and this avoids any kind of cumbersome outcome. Likewise in India, where children are taught to avoid any such circumstances, maybe one of the reason for this outcome.  Existing and never ending rape cases, and oh yes, child pregnancy. Though, the very  much existing sex education has not done a great deal of the-so-required-changes in the society. What I think is the education criteria needs a change where the children do not get offended or feel ashamed in bringing up any kind of questions. Completely barring the education thinking is only good for the health minister who needs a break from his work. Maybe the job of health ministry is giving him some kind of unhealthy syndrome. Gujarat hasn’t entirely become a dry state even after the same declaration. In fact the rich people can juggado the drinks for themselves. Its only the poor people who are bound to survive of the desi daru that they get further spoiling their health . if the children aren’t taught about healthy sex in the early stages of life, they are expected to wind up this in accordance to their maturity level which is of course very low. So yes, my advice to the health minister is MR.MINI go for a vacation . 


“The absurdly harmful practice of Breast Ironing is when a hot stone, iron or a spatula is used to compress the breast tissues in young girls. The irrational process may continue for a couple of days or for a few weeks.” Leyla Hussein, a Somali psychotherapists and social activist.”

Central and West Africa are the countries practicing breast ironing majorly and according to an estimate by the UN, 3.8 million young women are at risk of breast ironing. According to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), Breast Ironing is one of the five under-reported crimes relating to gender-based violence. The practice is less common in the Muslim north where only 10% of the women are affected and as high as 53% women are affected in the Cameroon’s southeastern region of Littoral. The brutal flattening of developing chest is practiced to protect young girls from rape and sexual harassment. The flattening of breasts would be less feminine and would save the girl from pre-marital sexual activities and avoiding teenage pregnancy and thus focusing on their education. This lessens the confidence in girls psychologically who thinks of themselves to look alike boys.

“Each time I cried as it was really painful,” she says. “I didn’t understand what was going on, but it was very difficult to speak about.

This inane practice is justified with invasion of words like ‘culture’, ‘tradition’ or ‘religion’ and costing dreadfully on young girls lives. Breast ironing is an extremely painful process causing severe damage to the tissues. The practice among young girls results in breast cancer, cysts, and depression on later stages in life. It is a torturous process carried out by the mother of the young girl using heated leaves to press and massage the breasts, using scalding grinding stone to crush the budding gland.  The consequences include breast infections, the formation of abscesses, malformed breasts and the eradication of one or both breasts.

More than 41% of Cameroonian girls, under the age of nine, have their breasts ironed. A charity, CAME Women’s and Girl’s Development Organization, is raising awareness regarding the problem. Several women are now campaigning against this dreadful practice and educating girls by asserting that breasts are created by God and ironing them is harmful for health. They believe only education can halt this barbaric practice. Asserting the importance of sex education is priority rather than breast ironing.

“What an absurd world we live in when women’s bodies are not considered safe in their natural state, and men are not considered responsible for controlling their own urges,” writes Hussein.

The Best Secret Of Modern World

“I am 60 years old now, but will remember that fateful day for the rest of my life. I must have been around 7 years old when my mother told me we were going to my grandma’s house to spend the day with her. When we reached my grandma’s house, my cousin (my mum’s sister’s daughter), who was a year younger than me, was also there. We were happy to meet each other.

Then, we were both led to a small room, which had a bed and asked to lie down. We kept asking “Why?” Suddenly, a lady dressed in black came into the room. By now, my cousin and I were terrified, not aware of what was to follow.

Our dresses were pulled up and our panties pulled off, and we were asked to keep our legs apart.  There were our mothers and our aunts holding our legs apart and then I felt something cold being applied to my clitoris, and then to my horror, the lady in black actually held a scissor-like instrument and cut me there – I screamed and screamed but no one seemed to care. Then this same thing was done to my cousin, who was right next to me on the same bed.”

I came across this article lately and this augmented my questioning to know more about FGM.

FGM, Female Genital Mutilation is practiced by the Dawoodi Bohra community, a sect of the Shia-Muslims, who are led by the Syedna. They came to India in 16th century from Yemen. This practice is being observed in several parts of the world since centuries. Disgracefully India is one of those countries who practice FGM. Maharashtra and Gujarat are the two states of India where female genital mutilation is put into practice the most and this is done unlawfully.

There is no authentic proof or medical assurance of practicing FGM in the world history. The practice is more of societal cliché and apparent culture ethos in several communities in India. Family honor, enhancing fertility, social acceptance and preservation of chastity are the vague reasons given for practicing FGM. A girl is not socially accepted for marriage until she passes through this painful stage. It is a normal process for girls of Bohra community just like passing the phase of puberty. The eccentricity lies in the fact is that these girls are kept under an impression that this is practiced in every part of the world .But the true story is in juxtaposed.

The act is performed by a typical profile lady who is 75 years old or more, literate but
uneducated. The mutilation is usually performed with a razor, and the perpetrators often used abeer or kapurkanchi powder mixed with silk thread ashes to put over the clitoris after cutting takes place for its cooling effect and for its adhesive value. FGM causes problems during pregnancy, child birth, infections and even psychological dysfunction. No one has ever raised voice against this issue either because of fear or embarrassment. Practice of FGM in India and other parts of the world is a humiliation to mankind. FGM is the best secret of the modern world .The Bohra community is well known for good business skills but the world is still not akin to the inhumane face of this community. Campaigns, Awareness and implementation of rules are a pre-requisite to stop cruelty with females in patriarchate society.